Project Info

  • Client : Jiveocity Website & Mobile Applications
  • Category : Business, Corporate, Social, Workshop
  • Date : April 12, 2010
  • Application :
  • Location : Worldwide

Project Info

Jiveocity® Website & Mobile Application

The Jiveocity® mobile application offers business owners the opportunity to direct-market a new group of potential customers while giving mobile users the opportunity to fully interact with one another at any physical brick & mortar establishment.

iOS Mobile Application –

Android Mobile Application –

Advanced Innovative Features

Jiveocity is the First-Ever Google Powered Dual Social Networking Mobile Application that: 1. Offers any business worldwide the option to automatically send out a direct message to anyone that gets within 200 feet of their establishment; and 2. Allow consumers to fully interact with one another at any location.

Jiveocity for Business:

  • Direct message anyone within 200 feet of establishment
  • Build & Customize their Jiveocity page
  • See who’s at their establishment right now
  • Live chat with their customers via the Jive Chat Room
  • Upload photos, videos & coupons and more
  • Broadcast their live cam to everyone
  • Keep customers in their establishment longer

Jiveocity for Consumers:

  • See who’s in the establishment with them
  • Send messages, greetings & friend requests
  • Join in the Jive Chat Room for any location
  • Make themselves invisible
  • Users can favorite locations
  • Users can join friends locations

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Project Result & Benefits of Project

Jiveocity has not fallen short on features. Their plethora of networking capabilities for both the consumer and business has exceeded everyone’s expectations while also keeping consumers privacy and safety a top priority. Users may “Make Themselves Invisible”, “Block & Report Offenders”, “Make their Profile Private”, along with many other security features.

Jiveocity also comes packed with an assortment of features for the Business Owner. Not only can business owners view and contact their customers live, but should a Jiveocity user get within 200 feet of an establishment, they will automatically receive the Business Owners “Special Offer Message”!

Thomas Hines (Product Development) has said, “We are excited to release the first-ever dual social networking application that will connect consumers and business like never before!”

The Jiveocity Mobile App is currently available for download on both iTunes and Google Play for free. Please visit and for additional information.