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Construction management application allowing users to create and build construction projects

  • Client : Dustin Savage
  • Category : Business, Corporate, Technology
  • Date : March 23, 2017
  • Application :
  • Location : Jacksonville, FL

Project Info

Construction Management

StationIT Project Management is a world-wide known construction industry mobile application that allows users from all over the world to pinpoint, create and share tracking stations for roadway construction projects.

How can software benefit the industry?

Construction management (CM) is a long and extremely demanding process. It’s the foundation for every building project and the key to its success.

The main purpose of construction management is to sharply control and monitor the progress of a project in terms of quality, cost and time. It covers a wide spectrum of responsibilities and it spreads to many different fields (construction, engineering, law, software etc).

The role of a construction manager is considered to be fundamental. To ensure a project’s progress, a competent project manager with a plethora of competencies and skills is required. Building projects are in constant need for last minute changes and in that aspect, a strong team leader who can maintain stability and facilitate the coordination between the team members is a must.

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Project Result & Benefits of Project

Data is becoming more integral to the average construction firm’s success over time, especially as so many new trends are generating massive volumes of information that must be properly handled. Content and document management tools included in construction management software can help to reduce the risk of loss or expose sensitive data, improve decision-making through a more timely reception of insights and strengthen collaboration.

Always look for a management solution that includes integrated document management to ensure that all of the moving parts involved in projects are taken care of properly.